Love of Wine

Breean Nugent is Mat’s wife and is also in charge of HR as well, as the wine and beverage at Bin 303. Breean has a degree in Human Relations and a minor in business management, which she uses daily to keep the restaurant running at full speed!

After meeting Mat in Austin and falling in love she realized that she had to find her place in the world of food! She quickly found out that in the wonderful world of food and wine her complement would be the love of WINE! When moving to New York for culinary school, Mat and Breean visited an amazing New York winery, Millbrook Vineyards. Shortly after she became employed and began her hands-on training in wine. She worked through a full harvest year and experienced the true art of grapes from bud break to the best part bottling and tasting! Barrel tasting, watching the vine cycle and selling the wine led to a true passion for Breean in the world of wine. Millbrook Winery is owned by Pebble Ridge Vineyards and Wine Estates, which owns property in California and Italy. While there she was exposed to great Pinot Noir from the Russian River region of California, Williams Selyem. Breean worked at Millbrook until shortly before their return to Texas after graduation! After moving back to Texas she took formal classes with the International Sommelier Guild and achieved her level two certification! 

Breean’s approach is to introduce new wines to Bin 303’s patrons by having an amazing wine by the glass program that is always changing. Bin 303 has a Winekeeper system that preserves 12 bottles of wine at a time! 4 whites and 8 reds! All temperature controlled and preserved, essentially wine on tap, and is the only system like this in Rockwall! Bin 303 also has a wine cellar that stores all of our wine in the right humidity, temperature and light. This is very important to our guests because everyone appreciates a wine that is always kept under proper conditions!

A word from Breean:

“We have a small wine list but it covers the world of wine with unique, boutique wineries and wines that complement our food! Every wine Mat and I taste we think about what food and what dish it would perfectly compliment! If our guests want a certain wine I will bring it in and have it for them and if they need help in finding a new special wine I hope it is here! We do not have a carbon copy wine list but a well thought out, unique list that is always expanding and changing for our guests! My approach centers on the fact that I have so much more to learn about wine, and if someone thinks they know it all, well, that is simply a lie! Wine is beautiful and ever changing, and I love the complement of great history, food and wine that exists at Bin 303 in a historic house, with a professionally trained Chef and a wife who loves great wine!"